New Anti-Aging Treatment Center for Celebrities in Korea

In November 2010 a new anti-aging center opened to the public in Korea, to this event were invited popular celebrities such as Kristin Davis from “Sex and the City”, pop singer Sheena Easton, actors such as Peter Fonda, Suzanne Somers and Yan Bin.This new anti aging center combines western, oriental and alternative medicines that slow the aging process. Each celebrity was given a spa therapy, medical check up, stem cell skin care and a nutritional consultation.The idea of making this trip to Korea was from the MTV founder Harlan Kleiman (Chairman of health consultancy ReGeneration). He made a trip to Korea in April when the center was in its first stages and liked so much the idea that recommended it with its celebrity friends.It seems that Korea will be the new destination for celebrities that want to reverse the effects of aging.Celebrities have always wanted to look for the latest and greatest technologies that will reverse the effects of aging, plastic surgery, HGH therapy, botox, acupuncture, chemical peels are some common treatments that celebrities undergo regularly.However there are now many treatments and products that are accesible for the average person and get similar results without the high costs.For example there are anti aging creams that can stimulate your skin cells to produce new collagen and elastin, this reduces wrinkles and smooths your skin.There are also Human Growth Hormone Supplements that can reverse many of the effects of aging such as diseases, lack of energy, lack of focus, concentration and lots more.You just need to do your proper research to buy the products that are safe to use and proven in clinical trials.

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